Warm Welcomes from Meghan


Another Spring means another RichCity Idol show, and with only twenty days of preparation left, the team is so, incredibly excited to show off Richmond's newest talents. Although we're Springing into a new Summer and a new life as the school year slowly closes its curtains, we're so excited to have a walk down memory lane with a couple of our past contestants.  We've got RichCity Idol alumnus Kavya Balajepelli hosting alongside Kaylyn Munro (or K squared, if you will), an awesome performance from The Wishbone featuring alumnus Chris Yan, and of course, as per RichCity Idol tradition, RichCity Idol 2015 winner Hannah Goertz will return to blow us away yet once again. 

I personally can't wait for our own Idols' performances, though! Having dropped by their weekly rehearsals a couple times myself, I know that they're going to SLAY the stage. I swear, my heart melted at the sound of their smooth, buttery harmony when I heard their group performances, and I know that everyone else will too. Getting to know these ten talented spirits during their Idol photoshoot was such a wonderful opportunity to know that aside from their beautiful voices, these Idols are also incredibly beautiful people as well, inside and out. These kids will go far with their musical talent, so it's best if you come see them for the killer price of $10 before they make it big! What a steal. 

Sounds like quite the show, right? Can you believe that all of this happened in the fleeting span of six months? Honestly, I'm still having trouble believing that this is actually happening. I'm so blown away by the capacity and potential of all of our volunteers and executives this year that it makes my heart flutter sometimes. 

And with that, I hope everyone will have as much fun attending this show as I had organizing this event with the rest of the RichCity Idol Team.

Much Love, 
Creative Director