About Us

The lights dim and tension builds as the hosts step up to the mic. The audience collectively holds its breath while the contestants stand quietly on stage, hand in hand. A unanimous question is racing around the room: who will be crowned RichCity Idol 2015?

Music. Community. Leadership. These are the guiding elements behind the creation of the RichCity Idol organization and the annual singing competition that it organizes. Established in January 2004 by Natasha Jung and Martin Hui, the RichCity Idol organization is a not-for-profit, student-driven initiative in the city of Richmond to showcase the singing talent of youth in our community. Its original vision was to foster district-wide collaboration and community spirit, while providing leadership and musical development opportunities to high school students. Thanks to the cooperative efforts of youth from all over Richmond, RichCity Idol’s mission remains strong and the show has successfully become a pillar community event. 

RichCity Idol is an annual singing competition led and organized by high school students that aims to showcase Richmond’s singing youth. After months of preparation by the contestants and volunteers, one Idol from each secondary school in the Richmond school district will sing his/her heart out and deliver performances that will blow you away. Industry professionals will offer their critiques, and YOU will have a chance to vote for the next RichCity Idol. This will be a performance-packed show that you do not want to miss!