As an event organized by high school students, for high school students, the show would not be possible without volunteers to contribute to its success.

Not only will volunteers be supporting the production of the show as a whole, they will also have the opportunity to join a specific committee with specific roles and responsibilities for showtime preparation, guided by a member of the Executive team. This can be a great way to learn more about the different aspects of event planning, and explore new interests.

Applications can be found here, and submissions are due on Dec. 21st at 11:59PM.

If you have any questions, feel free to email the Lead Producer at leadproducer@richcityidol.com.

showtime committee

As a part of the Showtime committee, you will be responsible for creating the overall vision of the show inside Gateway, and obtaining and/or creating decorations for it.

This also includes on-stage effects, background and more. On the day of the show, the showtime committee will be responsible for setting up the decorations and assisting the Showtime Director with other tasks, such as programs, prize booths, etc.

sponsorships committee

As a part of the sponsorship committee, you will be contacting local businesses through email and phone, as well as in-person, to ask for monetary and/or in-kind sponsorships that will help the production of the show.

You will also be in contact with the Sponsorship Director, who will keep track of all sponsorship information. Your main responsibility is to communicate in a professional manner with business managers and owners, and be committed to searching for potential sponsorships.

Additionally, you will be tasked with the responsibility of contacting potential judges and guest performers. 

Photo/videography committee

The Photo/Video committee will be responsible for taking photos and videos during the show, as well as helping the Lead Photographer with Idol headshots and other promotional photos before the show.

Capturing the excitement of the show, and working with the general visual concept is key.