Jesse hsieh

Jesse is currently a Grade 12 student from Steveston-London Secondary, and serves as the Lead Producer for RichCity Idol 2019. As an avid supporter for student leadership in the community, Jesse is excited to work alongside passionate individuals in providing a successful and entertaining iteration of a beloved event! His favourite song is “Little Talks” by Of Monsters And Men, and a fun fact about Jesse is that he loves coffee more than he should.



This is Jessalyn Chen our 2019 Marketing Director. Jessalyn is a grade 12 from Steveston-London who spends her time designing graphics, playing with her dog, and volunteering around her school. She enjoys listening to indie bands and currently her favourite song is Pacifier by Catfish and the Bottlemen. Fun fact, she is currently watching “Rupaul’s Drag Race” to learn how to read.


Angela hu

Angela is currently a senior at Steveston-London Secondary, serving as the Finance & Administration Director for RichCity Idol 2019. In her spare time, she spends her time baking cookies, watching copious amounts of television, and making colour-coded spreadsheets. Angela's favourite song at the moment is "Day 1 ◑" by HONNE, and fun fact: she doesn't really like chocolate.


joshua chew

Joshua, a senior student at SLSS, is this year's Showtime Director for RichCity Idol. Joshua's passion for music comes from his family, and joined RCI to help other youth share their talents. In his spare time, Joshua can be found watching HELLA Naruto, playing league, and ignoring his responsibilities. Josh listens to all kinds of music. Some of his favourite artists are: Said the Whale, Eminem, Kendrick Lamar, BTS, and Frédéric Chopin.


Cherry chan

Cherry is currently a senior at Steveston-London Secondary, and this year’s Photography Director. Often you can find her indulged in her interests, which is either playing ultimate or eating food. Cherry enjoys to listen to super sad songs, or super hype songs/ midsummer madness, there isn’t much in between. Fun Fact about her is that she uses Apple Music rather than Spotify :).



Tiffany is currently a student in grade 12 at JN Burnett Secondary. She is RichCity Idol’s graphic designer for 2019. Her other interests and hobbies, aside from graphic design, include dancing and painting. Some of her favourite bands include LANY and COIN. She is very excited to create visuals for RichCity Idol, and also excited to see the final production!



Eve is the Idols and Rehearsals Director for Richcity Idol 2019. She is currently in grade 12 and attends Steveston-London. Outside of school, one may find her taking food pictures for her food account, volunteering in the community, or aimlessly walking around RC. Currently, her favourite song is “Wish I Never Met You” by Loote. Fun fact, Eve studies with a “do homework” sign taped onto her forehead to keep her on task when she opens Snapchat.


Jonathan folk

This is Jonathan, and he will be the Videography Director for this year’s 2019 RichCity Idol. Jonathan is a grade 12 student attending Hugh Boyd Secondary. Jonathan works for the School District, REMAX, and many other local companies, but aside from work he loves socializing, playing sports and taking pictures with friends! He loves listening to all kinds of music, and his favourite song at the moment is “Trip” by Ella Mai.


Joey Huang

Joey is the Sponsorship Director for RichCity Idol 2019, currently studying at J.N. Burnett Secondary in Grade 11. She enjoys to be active in her school and in the community. Aside of leadership, she shares a passion for sports and fitness. Her playlist is very random from kpop to chinese music to rap to R&B. Currently, her favourite song is “Call Out My Name” by The Weeknd. Fun fact: her all time favourite movie has to be Train to Busan.


sharry wu

Sharry is the Secondary Graphic Designer and one of the photographers for Richcity Idol 2019. Her passion lies beyond graphic design and photography, as she loves entrepreneurship and is a devoted daily coffee drinker. She has always clung onto her two favourite albums: Frank Ocean’s Blonde and Lorde’s Melodrama. Fun fact, Sharry has been dancing and competing since she was four years old so she definitely knows a thing or two about stage fright.


Kyle Yeung

Kyle Yeung is an eleventh-grader from Steveston-London Secondary School and the stage manager for RichCity Idol. When Kyle is not volunteering for his school or his community, he enjoys writing and producing his own music, which he intends to pursue professionally in the future. Kyle loves R&B and soul music like Frank Ocean, Sabrina Claudio, or Daniel Caesar, but secretly listens to Blackpink when he thinks nobody is looking.